Packaging Innovation
December 18, 2013

Creative cocktail packaging

Texas based cocktail brand BuzzBallz came up with an original packaging concept for their new 200 ml mixed-drink and wine-based cocktails. In lieu with their name they designed a ball-shaped PET bottle with an integrated aluminum lid.

Cocktail packaging for outdoor use

Eager to drink a cocktail by the pool, you usually have to bring a whole set of alcoholic beverages and mix your own drink. That is not only impractical, it’s also very hard work, especially when you’re on vacation. Enter the ball-shaped cocktail packaging by BuzzBallz! With an alcohol percentage of 10-15 percent BuzzBallz gets you in the spirit to party without making you feel sick, according to the company.

Printed and produced in-house

Easy to carry around and exhilarating to sip from the ball-shaped cocktail packaging was designed with fun and functionality in mind. The unbreakable container is ideal for outdoors and 100 % recyclable. Furthermore, bottles are sold separately so cocktail lovers can experiment and mix drinks according to taste. The cocktail packaging is produced and printed in-house, allowing the company to make rapid adjustments when new cocktail flavors are introduced.

Bold cocktail names

Apart from package design, BuzzBallz is also quite bold when it comes to naming their products. Targeted at students and young adults who enjoy an alcoholic beverage now and then, the drinks carry names such as Forbidden Apple, Stiff Lemonade, Limey Bastard and OJ Screamer, among others. Buzz Ballz even had to discontinue the multipack bag carrier ‘Ball Sak’ because some consumers were offended by the name.

The BuzzBallz line currently includes 11 cocktail varieties made from 100% juices and vodka, rum, or tequila, and four flavors of Tropic Chillerz, made from 100% juices, orange wines, and 188-proof brandy and cost around $2,99 apiece.