Packaging Innovation
January 5, 2015

Created to frustrate – Meet the Diamond Carton cigarette pack

Accessibility, portability, branding and manufacturing are high on any cigarette pack designer’s list. When Erik Askin started working on his new design, however, he wanted the packet to be anything but practical. It was his goal to create the world’s most annoying and inefficient cigarette pack and in doing so encourage smokers to quit. While the concept will likely never be implemented, the Diamond Carton does offer an interesting look at how you can break the rules of design to discourage the use of harmful products.

The aim: discourage smokers from smoking

In his search for an effective way to discourage smokers from smoking Erik Askin came up with a new design, or rather a new format of cigarette packaging. His Diamond Carton was concocted to make life harder for smokers.

Branding and accessibility of the cigarette pack

We all know the warning labels currently found on cigarette packs, the Diamond Carton goes one step further. The box’s physical orientation makes it hard to display the brand and logo. The orientation and taper of the carton makes access and sharing difficult and the multi-faceted sides fit poorly in the pocket.

An interesting take on cigarette packaging …

The cigarette carton is as impractical as could be. By addressing issues such as accessibility, portability, branding and manufacturing, life is made subtly harder for smokers. Although impossible to implement, it’s a nice and meaningful exercise for any packaging designer striving to think out of the box.