Packaging Innovation
November 26, 2013

Clever designer packaging: Clicquot’s ice bucket Champagne

Every once in a while a designer packaging design comes along that combines multiple functionalities and looks good too! Champagne brand Veuve Clicquot’s latest offering, ‘The Fashionably Clicquot’ is one of those design marvels: the bottle’s cylindrical package can be used as an ice bucket after opening!

Fashionable and useful designer packaging

In a time when mass waste disposal has really become an issue it’s refreshing to come across a package design that adds extra value to a simple piece of cardboard. We’re talking about ‘The Fashionably Clicquot’, a limited edition Champagne bottle that combines fashionable packaging design with practical use.

The packaging consists of two parts that fit into one another, enabling it to become an elegant ice bucket after opening. In fact, the whole design was clearly inspired by fashion, with the paper bottom of the design popping up as a skirt. Furthermore, the bottom half of the package is held together by a ribbon that imitates Dior or Chanel.

Waterproof design for practical use

But besides from being simply stunning, the whole design is remarkably functional: since the inner coating of your ice bucket is waterproof, the container can hold the bottle and ice cubes without running the risk of leaking.

The Veuve Clicquot’s new limited edition design highlights its typically high-brow and sophisticated character. ‘Our Champagne is not your average bottle of sparkling wine’, the design seems to say. And that is reflected by its price: 74.99 USD!