Packaging Innovation
March 23, 2017

From clean to cute: 6 savvy soap packaging designs

There is something about soap that gets packaging designers to ramp up their skills and go that little bit further to amaze the consumer. Curious to see which designs the wonderful world of soap packaging has been boasting lately? So were we! We browsed through all the latest and got our top 6 of soap packaging designs all lined up for you.

6. A divinely sleek soap packaging design

Eos, the ancient Greek goddess of dawn, served as inspiration for this divinely sleek and clean soap packaging by EOS. We’re loving the – also very Greek – blue and white colour scheme and ditto logo!

5. Ah, la douce France!

Olive green, sunny yellow and with a hint of periwinkle blue, this packaging for Doux French Soaps has ‘la douce France’ written all over it. The labels were inspired by 17th century French Savonnerie carpets.

4. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

This romantic soap packaging design for Fulton just sends your heart aflutter, doesn’t it?

3. A jar full of soap buds

Made with delicately folded rice paper, these ‘lotus puffs’ by Yuanxiao were inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami and lotus flowers.

2. Soap packaging that floats his boat

Having sold shower curtains for years, Izola Showers recently decided to sail a different course and expand their offer with soap bars for men. This retro packaging design is aimed specifically at the gentleman consumer. Mission accomplished, we dare say!

1. A look back in time

Stunning! Opening this box feels like entering a time capsule. Just like the shaving kits of yesteryear, this retro shaving kit by KEEN includes a blade razor, a leather sharpening strop, a shaving brush made of badger hair and, last but not least, a bar of shaving cream soap.   Inspired by JACE-O-YESTA