Packaging Innovation
December 4, 2013

Christmas packaging: green, red and white all the way?

It’s that time of year again when brands all over the world come up with a special Christmas edition of their product. Of course, packaging plays an extremely important role in conveying the Christmas message. For packaging designers Christmas is the perfect excuse to put their creativity on display or come up with a unique concept, without jeopardizing brand equity. Illustration, coloring, typography and packaging materials all add up to create an attractive Christmas package that stands out from its competitors.

Traditional Christmas packaging

Love it or hate it but Christmas time is upon us! Supermarket shelves are bulging with green, red and white colors – hues traditionally associated with the Christmas spirit – but more creative Christmas packaging designs are screaming for attention as well.

christmas packagingA great example of traditional Christmas packaging is brought to us by Starbucks. In fact, over the last years the American coffeehouse has consistently used the same Christmas themed packaging and are doing so this year too. The design merely adds red and green to the cups, maintaining optimal brand recognition, yet at the same time also hinting at Christmas cosiness.

Christmas and brand equity

Brand equity is a major concern when redesigning a custom package for Christmas. One cannot simply create a whole new design without keeping in mind the look and feel of the regular product. In other words: the consumer still has to be able to recognize his or her favorite brand.

Kleenex radically redesigned their Christmas packaging this year, yet are careful enough to keep the brand’s logo in full display on the container’s lid. Apart from it being a very beautiful and Christmas-y design indeed customers can still recognize their brand in the blink of an eye. Moreover, designing multi-colored packages Kleenex cleverly gives customers an extra choice this Christmas to buy their favorite one.

Less traditional yet evenly successful is this Christmas Tea design. With its touch of green pine the packaging subtly hints at Christmas without being overly shoddy about it. It’s a nice, minimalist approach that works well with the brand’s healthy green tea message.