Packaging Innovation
March 31, 2016

Check out Diet Coke’s most creative packaging design to date!

On February 1, The Coca-Cola Company launched millions – that’s right, millions – of new creative packaging designs for Diet Coke, as part of the ‘It’s Mine’ campaign in the United States. No two designs are the same, thanks to Coca-Cola’s collaboration with HP. “We’re inviting fans to choose from millions of unique Diet Coke designs, selecting the one they feel is uniquely their own’, explains Rafael Acevedo, group director at Coca-Cola.

Creative packaging design by Diet Coke & HP

So how did Coca-Cola manage to create so many different packaging designs, you ask? To start, Diet Coke came up with 36 ‘base designs’ they felt most befitting the typical taste, bubbles and brand identity of Diet Coke. They then teamed up with HP and used the latter’s Indigo SmartStream Mosaic digital printing technology in order to automatically create millions of unique graphics, based on the 36 initial designs.

Claim your ‘It’s Mine’ bottle now

Are you a Diet Coke fan lucky enough to live in the United States? Then make sure to pick up your very own It’s Mine bottle now, as supplies are limited. Die-hard Diet Coke fans will be pleased to know that, apart from glass bottles, a selection of the new packaging designs will also feature on mini-cans, regular cans, aluminum bottles and PET bottles.

‘Share a Coke’ campaign continued

This is not the first time Coca-Cola has turned to personalized packaging. During the summers of 2013 and 2014, the company swapped their logo with names, encouraging consumers to ‘Share a Coke’ with whomever they loved. The Share a Coke campaign is one of Coca-Cola’s most successful marketing campaigns so far, with the personalized bottles alone accounting for more than 150 million sales.   Inspired by Labels & Labeling