Packaging Innovation
October 10, 2013

Caffè Cortesia: an original coffee packaging

When you order a coffee to go, it is not always easy to walk away with and a plastic cup and a napkin and the sugar all at the same time. Imagine ordering three take-away coffees? Most coffee holders can’t be considered practical, and this, Augusto Arduini understood very well. As a result, this student decided to design a fun and useful coffee packaging for a university project.

Reinventing the coffee packaging

While designing this coffee packaging, Augusto Arduini’s purpose was to create awareness of unconscious social abuse – think of the use of the mustaches, combined with statements on the mugs or sugar packets. One may think his real intention was to create a more handful coffee holder. And he certainly succeeded in doing so. This fancy packaging, designed with minimal use of materials, includes a practical handle, which makes it easier to carry three cups of coffee along with napkins and sugar, as all the components are held together.

The distinctive feature of Arduini’s imaginary coffee brand, Caffè Cortesia, is the mustache. It keeps the fun alive and the experience enjoyable. This mustache is also present on other accessories related to coffee, such as plates, cups and menus. Some of the items contain suggestions of good civilian behavior, almost transforming you into a gentleman when drinking coffee! In short, this coffee packaging feels playful and fun, but still professional.

Source: Packaging of the World