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September 24, 2013

Beverage packaging: minimalist soda cans

Coca-Cola, Sprite, 7 Up, Fanta… Who wouldn’t recognize their package designs? Malaysian designer Ewan Yap has tried to test the boundaries of brand recognition by cropping the branding of 16 popular soda and beer cans. The result is surprising, but are the brands still recognizable?

Beverage packaging: minimalist approach

Nowadays, the minimalist approach predominates about every aspect of design. Malaysian designer Ewan Yap minimized the design of 16 famous beer and soda cans to create a new collection of beverage packaging, called ‘The Big Brand Theory’, obviously a play on the popular TV sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

To achieve this minimalist purpose, Ewan Yap decided to magnify images of popular brands’ logos by cropping their classic graphics. He then placed the cropped images on the cans in an unusual disposition, in order to create brand-new packaging designs. The result is both simple and refreshing, while remaining completely recognizable. At least for Coca-Cola, Red Bull or Pepsi. But can you spot the others? Take a look below!

For Erwan Yap, the main focus of this collection is to “have each brand’s identity meticulously and uniquely cropped out of the packaging as much as possible, yet maintaining its integrity and comprehension, at the same time enhancing the aesthetic value”.

Brand recognition

For most brands, and especially when it comes to beverage packaging, recognition is everything. Most of the companies need the customer to spot their brand immediately. Brand recognition is even more relevant to products that rely on impulse buys. In this case indeed, the customer does not compare flavors or check the calorie content, but he just needs to identify the branding as quickly as possible.

Though Yap’s collection is an interesting exercise in reductionism, it nevertheless breaks the brand recognition that has been carefully developed by these companies. That is why his collection ‘The Big Brand Theory’ is unlikely to be adopted…

Source: Web Designer Depot

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