Packaging Innovation
July 3, 2015

Anti-aging skincare packaging gets a scientific facelift

Nerium launched its first line of beauty products only four years ago, but the company is already on top of the beauty industry with more than $400 million in sales last year. Nerium’s rapid growth and ongoing international expansion called for a packaging facelift that would highlight the science behind the company’s Optimera skincare product line.

The science of skincare packaging

To reflect the science behind its range of anti-aging skincare products, Nerium opted for an updated packaging design with a futuristic twist. Modern, sleek and with the middle part slightly narrower than the top and bottom, the containers look like they come straight from the future.

Modern sneak peak

A color band in the middle of the container informs the consumer of the product’s purpose. Surprisingly, the band is not printed on the white carton that surrounds the container. Instead, an inset Mylar sleeve acts as a window through which the consumer can see the color band. The Mylar band not only draws attention by visually connecting the external packaging to the primary packaging, but also creates a necessary contrast between the various products.

Keeping it simple

Nerium decided to do things a little different when it came to the packaging of its body cream. Instead of a white carton box with Mylar inset containing a rigid container with a pump dispenser, Nerium designed a simple white tube with an orange band. Why? Because it’s easier to take on the go and allows consumers to dispense as much or as little cream as they like. After all, who said science has to look complicated? Inspired by Packaging Digest