Packaging Innovation
February 14, 2017

7 creative packaging designs that will make you smile!

Forget expensive advertising campaigns! Nothing beats a creative packaging design with a dash of humor to stop busy consumers in their tracks. Stuck for inspiration? We’ve collected plenty of attention-grabbing examples, so sit back and enjoy the browse!

1.     Beehive Honey Squares

Om nom nom nom! Packaging designer Lacy Kuhn made sure this cute little bear has plenty of room in his tummy for Beehive’s delicious Honey Squares.

2.     Poilu

There’s something strangely appealing about this packaging design for Poilu created by Simon Laliberté. Inspired by Burt Reynolds, perhaps?

3.     Creative packaging, Japanese-style

We’re not sure where the designer was going with this, but apparently there is some kind of connection between Japanese pastries – yes, this is a muffin of some sort – and afro haircuts. It does stand out, though!  

4.     Message, uhm, boat in a bottle

This delicate packaging design for refillable water bottles by Designers Anonymous speaks to your inner child, doesn’t it? A tiny anchor keeps the boat in place, turning it into a submarine when the bottle is filled to the neck. And when you fill the bottle with sparkling water, the boat’s miniature propeller even creates bubbles.

5.     Thelma’s cookies

Buy twelve cookies, get a free oven! Sort of. Famous for their freshly baked goods, Thelma’s delivers homemade cookies in a creative cardboard box design by Saturday MFG. The box looks and opens just like an oven. Yummy!

6.     Festina Watches

  Buying a waterproof watch is always a gamble. Or it was, until Scholz & Friends came up with this cunning packaging design for Festina Watches.

7.     How’s it hangin’?

Kudos to packaging designer Soon Mo Kang for this adorable teabag design for Hanger Tea! These little T-shirts have cute written all over them.   Inspired by Hongkiat