Packaging Innovation
October 10, 2014

6 cute packaging ideas that will make your day

Packaging is not normally associated with adjectives such as ‘cute’, ‘adorable’, or ‘sweet’, yet some designs have the power to endear even the most callous-hearted design lovers. Start your day with these lovely examples of cute packaging!

Cute gnome bread packaging

Are you sure you want to sink your teeth in something as adorable as this little gnome? Well, perhaps you are, he does look scrumptious. Nevertheless, this is a really creative effort that will probably make you come back for another sandwich, even when you don’t feel that hungry. Kudos to Lo Siento, that created the package design.

Tea hangers to melt for

Next up are these cute tea packaging hangers that seem to have run straight out of the closet of our little friend above. Designed by Soon Mo Kang these hangers are not only cute, they are also very practical for hanging over the ridge of your cup.

Honey bee honey

And what do you think of these honey containers shaped like a beehive? The design was done by Maksimar Buzov and will probably have you buy more honey than you can digest in a lifetime.

Cute matchsticks packaging

These matchsticks by Japanese designer Kokeshi are a blast, aren’t they. Pay special attention to the little head on top of each stick. It’s a well-crafted package that deserves your attention.

Cute dog snack packaging

Though not commonly associated with words such as “cute” and “adorable”, these packaging designs will steal your heart!A totally different kind of cute are these dog snacks, called Whitebites. Even though they show their teeth, these dogs can hardly be called vicious, can they? Who wouldn’t want to give their dog a nice little treat coming from such a cute package?!

Juicy Juice “cute” box

Though not commonly associated with words such as “cute” and “adorable”, these packaging designs will steal your heart!The ultimate champion in “cute”, though, is this design by Preston Grubbs for Juicy Juice. It’s as charming as it is practical thanks to its creative design, resembling (part of) an orange. Also mind the full-package that comes in an orange basket, typical of orange packages.