Packaging Innovation
June 6, 2016

The 3 most fantastic flexible packaging designs of 2016

Flexible packaging is fab! The possibilities in terms of graphic design are endless, the technology continues to advance, and the results will never cease to amaze both the packaging industry and the consumer. So, naturally, we couldn’t help but compile a top 3 of the best of the best flexible packaging designs 2016 offered us so far.

3. Lay’s potato chips just got personal

Tapping into the personalized packaging trend that is very unlikely to fade away anytime soon, Lay’s gave their customers the opportunity to submit personal photos and have them printed on their very own bag of Classic potato chips. The results sure are delicious to look at!

2. Campbell Soup’s microwavable pouch packaging

Is it a bag? Is it a bowl? No. It’s Campbell Soup’s microwavable pouch for Ready Meals! Which in fact can be used as a bowl, come to think of it. So yes, it’s a bag-and-bowl-in-1. Since it is also quick to heat up, self-venting, and provided with cool touch zones and an easy-open tear, this flexible packaging is about as convenient as flexible packaging can get. We’re not too sure about the bland colours, though.

1. Kohinoor’s flexible packaging gets a grip

Beautiful graphics, rich colours and smart technology. Combine these three ingredients and what do you get? In the case of Kohinoor, a Gold Award for Packaging Excellence! And excellent this flexible packaging design sure is. This packaging is not only gorgeous to look at, but can easily be stacked on pallets or shelves without slipping away. The secret is in the centre of the bag, the surface of which is micro-embossed as to maximize friction. The micro-embossing is done in such a way that it does not interfere with the graphics at all. Last but not least, did you notice the cute handle?     Inspired by Packaging Digest