Packaging Innovation
June 2, 2014

10 top packaging designers that will inspire you

We are all bombarded with packaging on a daily basis. With so many new products on display every month, it’s hard to keep up the pace for all you packaging aficionados. That’s why we came up with a list of top packaging designers and their finest work!

Sagmeister & Walsh

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Art director and designer Santiago Carrasquilla, designers  Christian Widlic, Esther Li, and Thorbjørn Gudnason have collaborated with Sagmeister & Walsh to produce some futuristic and almost alien-like packaging to accompany a series of typography films for an exhibition.

Johannes Schulz

German designer Johannes Schulz created this inspirational packaging for Spine Vodka. The 3D design really works well against the transparent glass.

Gürtlerbachmann GmbH

This packaging design by Gürtlerbachmann GmbH was created to promote the kid’s shoe section of department store Görtz. The paper bird sculptures, each with a shoelace through its beak representing a small, colorful worm, are designed for children to play with and customers to collect.

Scholz & Friends

Scholz & Friends dreamt up this transparent packaging for Festina Watches with distilled water and the Festina Profundo watch inside. It gives you all the information you need about the watch without words.

Saturday Mfg

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Fresh from the oven, these cookies by Thelma’s – a cookie delivery business run by mother and son – are a real treat to unpack … and to eat! Saturday Mfg helped to come up with the idea.

Melissa Archer

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Art student Melissa Archer came up with this original and practical packaging design for nails. If you can turn a boring set of nails look sexy, you have talent, don’t you?

José Guízar

José Guízar was inspired by Lucha Libre wrestlers, wearing colorful masks, for this colorful packaging for a Mexican beer brand.

Linn Gustafson

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This concept by Linn Gustafson was designed as a gift package for H&M. Pay attention to the H&M tag – a small touch that really adds to the appeal and realism of the whole.


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Scanwood, one of Denmark’s leading manufacturer’s of cutlery, is constantly looking for new ways to sell their products. Creating products from sustainable materials is explored visually here, with the grass and roots bringing it all to life!



packaging designers

ACDSleeve make CD packaging designs for indie bands. This one for Minus the Bear is especially well-done!