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January 5, 2017

How to colour your packaging design in 2017

Coming up with a successful product packaging design means taking into account multiple factors. Practical issues and technicalities aside, there are many trends that can make or break your design. Colours in particular change every season, but, fortunately, if you incorporate trend colours, you’ll rarely have to make dramatic changes to your design. Continue reading to find out how to adjust your design’s colour scheme ever so slightly to keep it looking both recognizable and fresh in 2017!

Black breathes luxury

It comes as no surprise that black reigns supreme when it comes to luxury products and premium brands in 2017, as it has done so for several years in a row now. Black is the go-to hue for any designer looking to give packaging a more high-end look without too much frill and fuss. However, you will have to team black with embellishments to some extent if you want your packaging design to stand out among the other luxury products on the shelves.

A natural colour palette

Natural shades are trending in 2017, so you can expect to see lots of nude shades and an overall natural colour palette. No worries, though. Natural doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring, as Pantone’s top ten picks for Spring 2017 illustrate so nicely: packaging design 2017 pantone colours

Product packaging design for both genders

If your target audience consists of either men or women, you may feel tempted to colour your packaging design accordingly. And there’s no reason not to, really. It’s a tried and tested method to get those sales numbers soaring. However, in 2017 packaging designers are moving away from the traditional ‘blue for a boy, pink for a girl’ approach. Instead, product packaging that caters to women is clad in light neutrals, while the darker neutral shades are popular choices for product packaging design that requires a more masculine look. Inspired by Soopak