Packaging Innovation
December 4, 2015

Christmas is coming! Time for some cool Christmas packaging ideas

Everyone looks forward to Christmas, packaging designers especially! The holiday season, after all, is the one season of the year when packaging doesn’t have to revolve around simplicity and practicality. Instead, it’s about luxury, creativity and putting a smile on people’s faces. With Christmas right around the corner, packaging designers did their best to ensure store shelves all over the world are stocked with product packaging that adds to the joy of Christmas. Here’s a quick look at some of the most eye-catching Christmas packaging trends we’ve come across so far:

The ‘treat yourself’ design

Although buying sandwiches probably isn’t the first thing that jumps to mind when you think about Christmas gifts, Foo Go figured the presentation of a gift is what makes the gift. By simply adding a few bows to their graphics and adapting their color scheme to match the Christmas spirit, their consumers are not just buying themselves lunch. Instead, they’re treating themselves to the special gift of a Christmas sandwich.

The treasure chest

Perhaps it’s because of all those pirate and treasure hunting stories we all read in our younger years, but there’s just something about putting a collection of items in wood boxes that makes them feel more expensive, right? Smart Christmas packaging design by GraviTEA!

Glitter and glamour all the way

The holiday season is about glitter, glamour, and of course sharing a drink or two with your nearest and dearest. ‘Let’s combine all those things,’ is what Absolut Vodka must have thought when they came up with the bottle design for their limited edition ‘Absolut Glimmer’ vodka. Mimicking the look of cut crystal, this bottle is sure to be a conversation piece at the Christmas table and makes for a great Christmas present. After all, who said great Christmas packaging always has to be about boxes and bows?