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brand packaging design mistakes
October 9, 2018

Are you killing them softly with your brand packaging design?

Brand packaging design may not be rocket science, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that today’s competitive landscape does make it pretty challenging, to say the least. As the number of brands vying for the consumer’s attention grows by the day, no packaging designer can afford to be guilty of the following common mistakes.

Cramming, cramming, cramming

Minimalist packaging design is nothing new, but after having existed next to cluttered designs for years it is now finally making a break-through as a trend in its own right. Trying to cram every great idea you have into one and the same design ultimately leads to packaging that looks cluttered – a downright turnoff for millennial consumers – and overly complex. It pays to keep things clean and simple.  Also, don’t forget to spare your target audience from wrap rage.


Many brands cover various price ranges, offering consumers both regular and deluxe editions of their products. Evidently, premium products call for premium packaging. Just as seasonal holidays and events call for seasonal packaging design! What’s more, there’s no escaping the tried-and-tested personalized packaging trend that continues to have consumers in its spell.

Two peas in a pod

brand packaging design The graphics are smoking, the colors are spot on, the texture is as alluring as it can be, and the shape is totally out of the box (no pun intended). You’ve got your brand packaging design down to a T. Surely consumers are bound to notice it. Right…? There’s no way of telling if your design will stand out unless you do your homework and look at what the competition is placing on the shelves. The last thing you want is for your design to end up looking bland anyway, or worse, looking exactly like the competition. Tip: Studio Store Visualizer lets you see how your product packaging will compare to competitive designs on the shelf.   Inspired by Packaging News