Packaging Innovation
wrap rage
December 7, 2015

Does your packaging design cause ‘wrap rage’?

Every consumer experiences it from time to time. You know, that moment when you just can’t seem to open a jar, box, or some other piece of packaging without resorting to a sharp tool. It’s called ‘wrap rage’, and it’s a major cause of minor injuries among two thirds of consumers. Think your packaging is easy to open? Don’t be so sure about it…

‘Pull here.’ Or cut, stab, bite …

Research has revealed that at least 88 percent of consumers have resorted to improvising with tools in a bid to open food packaging at some point in their lives. Most of them use scissors and knives, and almost half of them admit to using their teeth. 15 percent turn to a screwdriver and 9 percent uses pliers.

Potato chip explosion!

Which types of packaging do consumers find the hardest to open? Bags of potato chips are mentioned among the trickiest to open without causing an explosion. Unsurprisingly, most consumers prefer to use scissors instead. Ring pulls on cans have earned their share of frustration too, often breaking off or leaving sharp edges. And then there’s childproof medicine packaging, which often turns out to be adult-proof as well… The worst offenders, however, are lids on jam jars and the so-called ‘easy peel’ films, which often require a knife to remove.

$155,000 a year to avoid wrap rage

Fortunately for all ‘wrap enraged’ consumers, the packaging industry is doing its best to make things easier for them. For instance, Duerr’s, a jam manufacturer, claims to spend at least $155,000 a year to make their jam lids easier to open. A smart thing to do, as around 75 percent of consumers deliberately look for food products contained in easy-to-open packaging.   Inspired by The Daily Mail