Packaging Innovation
November 22, 2016

The 5 most fabulous flexible packaging designs of 2016

Thanks to innovative solutions such as Studio, creating high-resolution flexible packaging designs without resorting to complicated CAD software has never been easier. Don’t believe us? The results speak for themselves … So we just couldn’t resist sharing with you the five most fabulous flexible packaging designs that caught our eye this year. Enjoy!

5. Duke’s flexible mayonnaise packaging

Duke’s is not the first mayonnaise brand to turn to flexible packaging, but they are the first to introduce flexible mayonnaise packaging to the United States. More convenient for the consumer and cheaper to ship, this flexible packaging design can only be applauded.

4. ‘I’m a little teapot, I’m a pouch’

Designed to stand out next to other stand-up pouches on the shelves, this teapot-shaped pouch packaging by Mondi sure has an unusual and appealing look. According to Mondi, the pouch can be printed with rotogravure or flexo printing technology. Transparent windows are possible as well.

3. Flexible packaging design, cowboy style

With flexible packaging and vintage graphics being two of the most noteworthy packaging design trends in 2016, we couldn’t help but fall in love with this gorgeous bath-in-a-bag concept by Berry Plastics.

2. SqueezyStraw™ stand-up pouch

This flexible packaging design by The Barton Group is an innovative approach to single-serve stand-up pouches for beverages. Cheap to produce and easy to use, it features a built-in straw that opens with a convenient tear notch and can hold all kinds of liquids.

1. Is it a wine bottle? Is it a pouch? It’s both!

This flexible wine packaging by Reverse Innovation in partnership with Adriano Gigante was specially designed in a bid to counter the cheap image of wine pouches. And that is exactly what it does. Fittingly named Wine Pouch (R)evolution, the glossy black look of this rigid yet flexible stand-up pouch packaging is a sophisticated reinterpretation of the Bordeaux bottle. The gold foil details and embossing in the shape of a vine leaf exude pure luxury.