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4 tips to get your packaging design ready for e-commerce
July 3, 2018

4 tips to get your packaging design ready for e-commerce

Online shoppers may not always know what they want, but they do know they want it delivered to their doorstep in a matter of hours, in pristine condition and, preferably, wrapped in packaging so amazing they just have to make an unboxing video to share it with their followers. With over 2.5 billion consumers currently connected to the Internet, brands are happy to oblige and offer online consumers memorable product experiences through packaging. Does your e-commerce packaging design have what it takes to go viral? Discover our tips below!

The best packaging designs for e-commerce …

… all have the following features in common:

1.     Uniformity

When consumers finally receive their long-awaited package, they expect it to look exactly like what they ordered online. This may seem evident with fashion items, furniture etc., but it isn’t always the case with food and pharmaceutical packaging.

2.     Sturdy

Evidently, e-commerce packaging must be able to take a beating. And it’s not just the packaging’s exterior safeguarding the contents. Inside, specially selected components hold the product firmly in place to reduce the risk of damage to an absolute minimum.

3.     Easy to open and close

Packaging designers must be careful, however, to not let sturdiness lead to wrap rage. The packaging still has to be easy to open and, since many online purchases end up being returned, easy to close as well.

4.     Stunning

Forget word-of-mouth. In the world of e-commerce, it’s all about inspiring consumers to create unboxing videos so great they instantly go viral and reach millions of potential customers around the globe. Not sure how to go about that? Discover our tips to make your e-commerce packaging shine in unboxing videos.

5.     Ready to give away

4 tips to get your packaging design ready for e-commerce The best e-commerce packaging also doubles as … gift-wrapping! Not just because it’s convenient for consumers who purchased the product as a gift for a loved one, but also because it adds to the excitement of ordering online in general. We all like treating ourselves from time to time, don’t we? Inspired by Packaging News