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June 5, 2015

4 packaging trends of 2015 you have to keep in mind

Halfway in we’re getting a look at what 2015 still has in store, packaging-wise. We selected 4 packaging trends that will be making the rounds the coming months. The bottom line? Consumers expect simple yet emotional packaging experiences that resonate long after the packaging is thrown in the bin. Quite a challenge, right?

1)    Packaging that simplifies life

Every day we get hundreds, if not thousands, of impulses. This constant stream of data is an endless information overload. People are overwhelmed and in need of peaceful zones where they can recharge. For that very reason, consumers are urging brands to offer simplistic packaging designs, that are all about efficiency. Apart from that, packaging is expected to tap into the emotional world of the user.

2)    Brand and packaging that are human, friendly and transparent

The personal approach works best. Brands should treat their customers as people and act human themselves. Consumers are looking for friendly and transparent brands they can trust. Packaging should reflect that notion by telling a genuine story people can relate to.

3)    Sustainable packaging should be top of mind

Sustainability remains one of the top priorities for many consumers. Brands that don’t act responsibly toward the environment are shunned by “green” customers. Make it easy for them to make the right choice and be clear about your ecological strategy.

4)    Innovation will be rewarded

Be bold, innovative and try to differentiate your product from the competition. Consumers love brands that dare tread unknown paths, however, don’t just be different for the sake of being different. Remember your packaging has to connect with consumer needs.

These are the main packaging trends that are shaping up 2015. Picked up other trends? Feel free to tell us in the comments …