Packaging Innovation
Packaging design for men
September 18, 2015

3 ways to make your packaging design appeal to men

For decades, certain products have been catering specifically to men. The list is long: razors, aftershaves, hair gels, beer and heavy alcohols, cigarettes … Life to the modern man, however, revolves around much more than shaving, drinking, smoking and having great-looking hair. The modern man is not afraid to help out with cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking care of the children and doing whatever needed to ensure that the household runs smoothly. In other words, the average consumer just got a whole lot more masculine. So what does that mean for packaging design? Here are three proven ways to make any product’s packaging design appeal to male psychology.

1.     Here come the men in black

Have you noticed how a lot of packaging aimed at men uses black as a main color? It’s because we subconsciously associate black with strength. Needless to say, all men want to be associated with strength. For the same reason, food products tend to emphasize on protein rather than calories when marketing products to men, since protein is a building stone for muscle.

2.     Born to be wild

Many psychologists believe that we feel an unconscious affinity towards the natural, prehistoric world and that men experience that feeling much more intensely than women. Hence, packaging design aimed at the male consumer tends to emphasize how ‘paleo-friendly’ a product is, making its ingredients seem like the preferred foods of Hercules himself. Quite often the packaging even features a modern day Hercules such as an Olympic medallist or famous retired athlete.

Packaging design for men3.     Look, I (could have) made it myself!

It’s a well-known fact that men like to make things and love to be surrounded with materials they associate with … well … making things. Men love to touch, feel and smell wood, metal, paper, foils and all other great materials those awesome factories turn into packaging. In other words, packaging for men should contain as little fluff, bows and ribbons as possible and be sturdy enough for those “One rainy day I’ll make a … out of this” projects. Tip: Metal tins and wooden crates are always a winner when it comes to the male consumer.   Inspired by Steve Osborne