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ecommerce packaging design tips
July 21, 2016

3 tips for designing great ecommerce packaging

For online retailers, packaging is a unique opportunity to strengthen their brand image and make a good first impression. Yet many online stores fail to look beyond the quality and strength of their packaging, even though ecommerce packaging offers a wide array of possibilities for branding and promotion.Are you a packaging designer looking to jump on the ecommerce bandwagon? Then these tips are must-reads for you!

1.     Print outside the box

Have you ever considered printing third-party advertising on delivery boxes? Amazon decided to go for it by featuring Minions on its packaging. A smart move, if you ask us – who wouldn’t like getting paid to host a few Minions for a while? – but the company has yet to confirm whether it will be launching similar ad campaigns in the future. Ecommerce experts believe Amazon is purposely postponing third-party advertising on its packaging for a while so online shoppers won’t get too used to it.

2.     Ecommerce packaging: it’s the inside that counts

Third-party advertising aside, most ecommerce packaging designers decide to keep the exterior of their packaging as neutral and inconspicuous as possible for security reasons. However, there is no reason why the interior can’t look elegant! More and more packaging designers are including beautiful prints on the inside of delivery boxes to make a great impression when the consumer opens the parcel.

3.     Make your packaging reversible

Speaking of packaging that’s beautiful on the inside … Many ecommerce businesses are asking packaging designers to come up with reversible packaging. Neutral on the outside and gorgeous on the inside, reversible packaging can be turned inside out to become a beautiful gift box. It’s a whole new approach to sustainable packaging, and we’re loving it!   Inspired by drupa