Packaging Innovation
October 30, 2015

3 thrilling toy packaging designs

It goes without saying that toy manufacturers, even though they undoubtedly have a lot of fun creating their products, cater to the most difficult target audience there is: children – and their parents. Toys these days have to be cool, innovative and wholesome at the same time. Last but not least, toy shelves are undoubtedly the toughest shelves to stand out on in stores. Which is a great thing for everyone who’s passionate about packaging design, because it really makes toy packaging designers pull out all the stops. Here are three of the most thrilling toy packaging designs we recently came across!

1.     Back to basic toy packaging

With all the flashy toy packaging designs around these days, Ridley’s House of Novelties attempted to stand out by doing the complete opposite – and succeeded! This understated packaging design is sure to catch the eyes of parents and make them reminisce about simpler times when ‘everything was better’ and children had the time of their lives playing simple games such as ping pong. Whether this design also appeals to children is a different question…

2.     The packaging becomes the toy

Out with the box, in with the tube! There used to be a time when store-bought toys did not exist and children had to make do with items they found around the house, creating their own custom toys. This inspired designer Oscar Diaz to replace traditional box packaging with tubes that children can transform into their own toy. The tube becomes the body of a tractor, train, fire truck … and has slots where the wheels should go. The wheels themselves and stickers to decorate the toy with are housed inside the tube.

3.     Let’s get real!

When you’re a packaging designer for a toy that’s been around for as long as Lego has, you can’t help but wanting to modernize things from time to time. You want to design something fresh, something that really makes people stop and have a second look. Something like, say… an augmented reality box! This Lego box is probably one of the most futuristic examples of toy packaging currently on the shelves, with a display that magically shows what the toy inside will look like once finished and a QR code leading to a 3D model image of the toy. Now that’s what we call hypermodern! Inspired by Packaging of the World