Packaging Innovation
September 12, 2016

The 3 pillars of a perfect retail packaging design

Day after day, consumers find themselves bombarded with ads and products screaming for their attention. If a packaging design doesn’t make an impact within two seconds, there’s a 99 percent chance the product will get passed over and forgotten about. Do you want to make sure your design gets all the attention it deserves? Time to get savvy! This article explains the three pillars of a perfect retail packaging design.

1.    Staging an unexpected encounter

When a consumer walks through a store, he looks for products he’s already familiar with and wants to purchase again. On a subconscious level, however, he is also keeping an eye out for new products that stand out. In other words, if you’re a packaging designer working for a new or lesser known brand or product, the trick is to create a packaging that does not blend in with the competition.

2.    A marvelously minimalist packaging design

Most shoppers are pressed for time and reluctant to absorb information if it takes them longer than a few seconds. Adopting a minimalist approach to packaging design is crucial if you want the consumer to fully grasp a product’s unique selling points.

3.    Retail packaging design: eat me, smell me, touch me!

    No matter how awesome a packaging design may be, to the consumer it’s usually nothing more than a barrier standing between him and the product he’s interested in. Today’s consumer wants to know exactly what it is they’re buying, hence the transparent packaging trend that emerged in the last few years. Even when transparent packaging or see-through windows are not an option, a great packaging still conveys a product’s taste, smell or texture through its design.   Inspired by HOW Design