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palletization tips
December 11, 2018

What does it take to get palletization right? Follow these tips!

There is an art to proper palletization. If that phrase just made you laugh out loud, we suggest you give us a call the next time you’re trying to fit a load onto a pallet and the result starts to resemble the Tower of Pisa 😉 Anyway, even the most experienced of shippers sometimes struggle with loading and securing pallets just right. Discover our tips to achieve that perfect fit and get shipments from point A to B safely every time!

1.     Pick the right pallet

It may sound like a given, but you’d be amazed at how many different types and sizes of pallets are out there. Be sure to pick something sturdy – standard pallets can support up to 2086 kilograms and measure approximately 122 by 100 centimeters – and remember that, ideally at least, a forklift must be able to pick up the pallet from all four sides.

2.     Use palletization software

We can’t stress this one enough: there’s a reason why most businesses in the packaging and logistics industry opt for palletization software such as Cape Pack. You can try out different stacking patterns all you like, but the results will never compare to what Cape Pack can do. The palletizing calculator takes into account product size, unit count, unit size, unit weight, cargo stability, stacking limits, … and tells you how you can fit the most units onto a pallet without compromising on safety – all in a matter of seconds.

3.     Always stack the heaviest on the bottom

Duh! Still, you’d be surprised…

4.     Get those shrink wraps and straps sorted

palletization tips Arguably the best technique to properly secure a loaded pallet is wrapping it in shrink film – five times around (from top to bottom) usually does the trick – and then strapping it tightly all the way around as well. Discover more palletization tips!