Packaging Innovation
VisCom Paris stand
November 15, 2013

Have a seat … on Re-board® furniture

When we think of Re-board® we often limit ourselves to protective packaging. Yet, there are countless creative things you can do with this material. Re-board® is already widely used in POP design, and it starts to penetrate into contemporary furniture design as well. DSC_1424Corrugated furniture is hot in modern design. Next to that extra creative touch, it appeals to our ecological aspirations. It suits well in all settings; from office interior design over shop decoration to stand construction. On the VisCom trade shows, in Paris and Düsseldorf, Esko presented an attractive booth, equipped with Re-board® furniture.  

Designing Re-board furniture

The furniture’s structural design was entirely done in ArtiosCAD. ArtiosCAD is worldwide the preferred structural design software for packaging and display designers.  After generating a 3D scene in ArtiosCAD, artwork was applied in Adobe® Illustrator®. Receptiondesk_ATC4_flat-500pxW Receptiondesk_ATC7-500pxW

Approve the design in 3D

Receptiondesk_studio6To have the design approved by all stakeholders, 3D renders were created in Studio. Based on these virtual mock-ups it is easier for senior management to visualize what the furniture will actually look like. Everyone involved can comment and approve on a representative image with the final graphics in place.  

Save materials with nesting software

The sheet lay-out was optimized with nesting software i-cut layout, to save substrates and reduce production time. Esko’s stand figured 1 impressive demo table, 6 bar stools, 1 reception desk, 2 meeting tables, 8 chairs and 2 brochure stands. And they were all built from just 15 sheets of Re-board®! Northern Design Power S.L. provided this material. DSC_1437 DSC_1407

Digital cutting on an XY cutter

DSC_1503AGFA took care of the large format printing on a Jeti 3020 Titan flatbed printer. With strategically printed cut registration marks, the furniture then was cut on a Kongsberg XP44 CAM table. A Kongsberg CAM plotter processes a wide variety of materials, works at an extraordinary speed, and there is no need to wait for a tailor made die. Thanks to specialized tools, like the High Force Vibracut and the V-Notch 45, specific cuts are possible. The Esko stand furniture, for instance, had some 45 degree V-Notch and partial cuts, apart from the obvious straight cuts.  

Easy assembly

Receptiondesk_ATC4_assembly-instructions-500pxWAssembling all the Re-board® components is child’s play. Aside from an occasional screw to tighten things, all the structures are self-locking. Both an assembly movie and an instruction manual were generated from ArtiosCAD. This comes in very handy for the people who actually have to put the furniture together on the exhibition stand.