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April 17, 2018

How to convert outlined AI text to live text? Simple!

Remember how hard it used to be to make last minute copy changes to outlined text in artwork files – unless you had the proper font installed? Well, not anymore! The new OCR plug-in ‘Text Recognition’ for Adobe Illustrator just made life easier.

ocr in Illustrator

Back in the old days

Making text changes in native Adobe® Illustrator® design files usually is a complete and utter nightmare for packaging designers. Unfortunately they are all too familiar with the cumbersome work-around to make even the tiniest copy correction in artwork files. A straightforward way of converting dead text to live text seemed non-existent.
That is … up until now.

ocr in Illustrator

OCR in artwork: a no-brainer!

The new Text Recognition plug-in for Illustrator is the only OCR tool that converts outlined text in artwork to editable text directly in Adobe® Illustrator®. The tool is so easy to work with, live text changes are a done deal in just seconds.
No more work-arounds. Just Adobe® Illustrator®.

Do the math

With the Text Recognition plug-in you easily save 30 minutes per job. Imagine the time you’d save on a working day, week, month or year! Not to mention the additional projects you can handle.

What are you waiting for?

Oh, wait. You’re that techie who wants to know all about it?
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