Packaging Innovation
May 4, 2015

No more struggles opening a jar cap. Meet The Orbit …

Glass jars can be a pain to open, especially if you’re dealing with a vacuum-sealed one. Sometimes you wish you could just smash a hammer into the thing, don’t you? Now, if young designer’s hands have problems opening jar caps, imagine the frustration of parents and grandparents across the globe? That’s why Crown Holdings came up with The Orbit Closure, an award-winning metal closure that is said to be twice as easy to open. Let’s find out!

A revolutionary metal closure

OK, so we may have exaggerated the issue a bit. You have to admit though, jar caps really can be difficult to open. And isn’t it our job as packaging designers to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible? That’s why we find The Orbit so intriguing. It’s a revolutionary metal closure designed to be easy to open and enhance convenience for consumers of all ages. Of course ‘consumers of all ages’ means you should only apply it to products that are safe for children!

A jar cap as easy to open as a bottle …

The Orbit Closure consists of two parts – a central, floating panel that is vacuum-sealed to the jar and an outer ring that provides further product protection and acts as the opening and closing device. The result: a jar that’s as easy to open as a bottle, without compromising shelf life or packaging quality.

Easy to implement

Crown Holdings, inventor and manufacturer of the cap, ensures their solution is easy to implement without having to make significant changes to existing capping equipment and without changing the glass finish …