Packaging Innovation
November 19, 2013

Cosmetic packaging: beauty products you purchase for the packaging

Some beauty products are designed in such a pretty way that customers almost feel compelled to purchase it, solely based on the package looks. This of course, is no coincidence: selling a beauty product without giving any attention to the packaging aesthetics would sound illogical, if not disastrous, for the brand reputation.

What makes a good cosmetic packaging?

When it comes to brand marketing, packaging is one of the most influential aspects of a brand’s notoriety in today’s crowded marketplace. Packaging design is the brand’s billboard, and should convey a personal story. It is also the perfect place for the product message, which has to work effectively and thoughtfully.

Packaging is often the first and only interaction a consumer has with a brand. It would be foolish to underestimate the importance of packaging to influence purchase decisions. Beauty companies are therefore prone to invest in packaging design just as much as any other product branch (or even more).

Beauty packaging requires constant strategizing to convey the right message. It is indeed a key communication device to reach a consumer ready to purchase. Designs and motifs used to highlight cosmetic packaging include wallpaper themes, animal print, nautical themes and food. Good use of typographic and sculpture elements is another way to catch the customer’s attention.

Following trends is always fun and a great way to focus the attention to a specific brand product. Nevertheless, it is recommended to make sure that the cosmetic packaging stays true to the core principles of the brand.

Original and appealing cosmetics packages

The Korean brand Too Cool For School have issued a new lip balm packaging featuring a cute kitten. Available in three different colors, this cosmetic packaging has already captured the hearts of many fans. Who could resist such an adorable pocket-sized design?

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