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cutting table
February 25, 2016

5 tips to get the most out of your cutting table

Are you always racing against the clock to finish your orders in time while striving for that perfect contour cut? Read on and find out how a Kongsberg plotter cutter helps you deliver perfectly finished results at an unsurpassed speed. A CAD cutting table that allows continuous production Streamlining your workflow is crucial if you want to avoid your CAD cutter becoming a bottleneck. Thanks to their versatility, Kongsberg cutting tables are the perfect tool to boost your workflow and minimize errors. A few tips on how to get the most out of your Kongsberg table.
  1. MultiZone Production
If your Kongsberg cutting table has more than one vacuum zone, you can deploy the i-cut Production Console to divide it into multiple work zones for alternate use, making non-stop production possible. While the plotter is busy working in one area, you can easily offload finished jobs and prepare sheets in another.
  1. Step and repeat on multiple copies
Doing your step and repeat cutting one sheet at a time is no longer necessary. Depending on the size of the material, your plotter can cut step and repeat on multiple copies next to each other in the same working zone.
  1. Roll feeder and sheet feeder
By outfitting your Kongsberg cutting table with a conveyor belt, you can opt for a roll feeder or a sheet feeder. That way, your operator no longer needs to load material by hand.
  1. Auto-pilot
Feel like grabbing a quick coffee? Go ahead! The Kongsberg XP Auto is perfectly able to handle the job unsupervised. A camera system registers all print marks, facing down or up, and makes sure everything is cut to a tee.
  1. Integrated software
Did you know that Esko’s prepress software works hand in hand with all Kongsberg cutting tables? It enables you to automate preflighting, generate bleed, create cutting paths, … so you can get your files on the press and to the cutter in a heartbeat. i-cut Suite also allows perfect print-to-cut registration, enabling your Kongsberg to adjust the position of the cutting contour if needed.   Watch the Kongsberg XE cutting table in action