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shelf-ready packaging design tips
October 18, 2018

3 things the best shelf-ready packaging has in common

Designing shelf-ready packaging (SRP) can be tricky, in the sense that you’re designing for consumers as well as for the retailers who will be placing your packaging on the shelves. Not quite sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! This article lines up all the qualities the best shelf-ready packaging has in common.

1.     They look great even when (almost) empty

The best shelf-ready packaging designs look great no matter what. Sure, your design may appear awesome when fully stocked, but don’t forget it must remain a showstopper even when supply is running low. When in doubt, test your SRP in a virtual store environment* so you can find out what it looks like on the shelf with different amounts of stock. *Good to know: Studio Store Visualizer also lets you see how your SRP will compare to the competition.

2.     Easy always does it

shelf-ready packaging design tips As is the case with all kinds of packaging in the world of FMCG, shelf-ready packaging must do more than stand out on the shelf. The best shelf-ready packaging designs are, after all, both easy for the consumer to identify and use, enabling them to spot the product instantly and grab it from the box in one quick motion. Must-read: How to design shelf-ready packaging that stuns

3.     Shelf-ready packaging made with retailers in mind

retail packaging design Arguably the main purpose of SRP is enabling retailers to restock their shelves instantly. That means without needing scissors or box cutters, without straining their back and preferably without having to read a lengthy instruction manual first. Opt for packaging retailers can simply tear open, limit the number of units it holds (if necessary to reduce the weight per case), and make sure any instructions are printed directly onto the packaging. An often overlooked but nonetheless important fact is that shelf-ready packaging these days should be easy to dispose of, i.e. recyclable, too. Steer away from shrink film, staples and tape, and don’t hesitate to use nothing but recyclable paperboard. Inspired by Rovema & Vanguard Packaging