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product label design
January 24, 2014

The road to product label design success

A product label has to meet certain standards if it wishes to capture consumers’ attention in a retail environment. Therefore careful consideration is necessary before stepping to the drawing table. Let’s go over some of the most important issues that constitute effective labeling.

A product label has to be legible

Well, of course it does … That’s a bit of a no-brainer isn’t it? Yet take a look around next time you’re in the supermarket. You’ll be surprised to see how many products carry indecipherable labels. It’s hard to pick up a candy bar from the shelf when you can’t even name the thing, isn’t it. Packaging designers should be wary of using fonts that are hard to read. A better idea is to stick with simple, recognizable lettering.

The biggest readability issues, however, have to do with a lack of space on the average packages. The average distance between the consumer and the shelf in a typical supermarket is approximately 3.5 feet. If your product is new make sure to design a product label that is noticed without having to pick it off the shelf for scrutiny. Obviously, the product name has to be the eye-catcher, next to the brand name. Important product features like nutritional facts come third, All the regulatory information can be relegated to the rear of the packaging, although both regulation  and consumers prefer this information to be.easily legible especially with EU regulation No. 1169/2011 in mind.

Creative product labels in line with expectations

When designing a food label, designers have to make sure their design looks like a food label! ‘Artistic freedom’ doesn’t apply to label designers, always working in line with what is to be expected for each product category. It only avoids confusion for the consumer. You wouldn’t want your new hair spray product to be mistaken for a bug spray item, would you?

Appeal to the target market

Make sure the text on your label appeals to the consumer group you’re targeting. If you’ve come up with a new label for a healthy snack, it might be a good idea to include nutritional value information. Consumers with a knack for healthy food will immediately feel this is their thing!

Product labels can’t please them all

No matter how much hard work you put into your label design, you can’t please all customers. Therefore it’s better to design a label targeted to one group. What kind of lifestyle does your target group have and how could your label design fit into that style? Make sure to come up with a design that is specific enough to draw them to your product.

Source: SmashBrand