Packaging Innovation
labelling beverages
June 26, 2015

Revolutionizing the beverage labelling landscape

Creating labels that address beverage packaging needs, while at the same time complying with the rules of recycling has always been a challenge to the packaging industry. Until now. Carlsberg Group and Munksjö both introduced new labels that are a perfect combination of form and function while still addressing recycling needs. While Carlsberg Group has labeled its Faris mineral water bottles with pressure sensitive labels that are compatible with PET bottle recycling, Munksjö clearly had visual impact on the shelves in mind when they went for metallized paper labels.

Will SpearRC take over the PET bottling industry?

When Constantia Flexibles first introduced Spear, a recyclable pressure-sensitive label, to the world back in 2002, the technique was deemed too expensive for most consumers. But lo and behold! Constantia Flexibles recently came up with the cheaper SpearRC, an industry-first technology that creates pressure sensitive labels that won’t contaminate the recycling process. The labels include clear, white and metallized film material options and have already been tried and tested by Carlsberg Group in 2014 as labels for their best-selling bottled water Farris. Spear’s aim is to revolutionize the entire PET bottling landscape by further expanding in the next few months.

Metallized and trouble-free beverage labelling

Munksjö recently extended its range of base papers with metallized, premium wet-glue beer labels. More specificly, they added two new one-side coated labels: Metalkote Expert (for returnable beer bottles) and Metalkote Classic (for one-way beer bottles). After metallizing, the labels look extra glossy while enjoying optimized varnish consumption. Metallizing the label also increases die-cutting performances while keeping printing speed high and wash-off cost-efficient. Munksjö’s one-side coated papers are manufactured at the Stenay mill in France.   Inspired by Packaging Digest