Packaging Innovation
June 16, 2014

Product naming and label design – easy as 1, 2, 3?

“Nomen est omen”, or so the saying goes. Yet, coming up with a suitable name for your brand new product can sometimes be problematic. For their new line of spirits, Gargalo gave each variety a number: simple but effective! The logo and packaging design are equally straightforward.

Product naming and company naming

Product naming is very similar in concept and approach to the process of deciding on a name for a company or organization. Product naming is considered a critical part of the branding process, which includes all of the marketing activities that affect the brand image, such as positioning and the design of logo, packaging and the product itself.

No magic formula, only general descriptions

So what is a good product name? Not surprisingly, many brand owners struggle when they have to come up with an effective name for their new product. Let’s start with the most obvious question: “What is a good product name?”

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to generate the perfect product name; for now marketers have to make do with general product name guidelines. In reality a good product name is one that “sticks”, that is easy to remember and somehow feels right. Vague as that description might be, it’s the only one that feels adequate.

Gargalo’s spirits

That naming and creating a logo doesn’t necessarily need to be a complicated process is apparent when you take a look at Gargalo’s latest line of spirits, based on the traditional flavors of Galician liqueurs. Each variety was given a number that consumers can easily identify and remember, creating a closer link with the company and maintaining the new corporate identity of sobriety and elegance. In line with this goal the packaging is sleek and clean, exactly like the product names and company logo.