Packaging Innovation
October 10, 2016

How to make your label design talk!

Designing labels has never been an easy feat, but these days it’s particularly difficult as labels are often too small to contain every bit of information the consumer needs – or wants – to know. Another challenge label designers are facing today is counterfeiting, which means labels need to include both covert security measures (hidden track-and-trace solutions for suppliers) and at least one overt security technology that enables the consumer to easily check a product’s authenticity via smartphone. Slowly but surely, though, the label industry is catching up with modern demands. We believe the following innovative label design concepts will soon become the new standard.

SmartLabel: comparing made easy through label design

Apart from knowing exactly what ingredients are in the products they’re buying, consumers also have a habit of comparing products in terms of price, calories, origin, … SmartLabel caters to the modern consumer’s need for easy comparison by listing about 175,000 products and their specific attributes in one central repository (which is still growing). All the consumer has to do is scan a QR-code. Brands that want to jump on the SmartLabel bandwagon need to register with Label Insight.

FiliGrade: labels with an invisible watermark

FiliGrade labels have an invisible watermark integrated into their design, which serves both as an anti-counterfeiting measure and a way for the consumer to look up extra information about the product in question (e.g. a detailed list of ingredients, special promotions, recipes, events, …). After a thorough analysis of the label design, an algorithm-based watermark is embedded into the print-ready artwork without requiring any special inks or substrates. To the naked eye, the labels look like any other label (except there is no visible barcode). In order to check the product’s authenticity, consumers must simply scan the label with their smartphone.

 Tips to design a label in 3D

innovative-label-design-tipsStuck in a label design rut? Download our free guide to 3D label design and find all the inspiration you need!   Inspired by Best in Packaging