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brand messaging and brand awareness
July 6, 2015

How to use labels for brand messaging and awareness

Marketing and branding is all about communicating with your target audience. But that’s easier said than done. How exactly do you go about getting your brand message out to your customers? Using the internet is an obvious way to do so, but what about your offline audience?

Labels, labels everywhere!

A simple and effective way of communicating with offline consumers is to let your labels do the talking. Labels are an easy, in-your-face medium to talk to your consumers without coming across as too pushy. Labels, after all, are part of the product that the consumer has purchased. When someone buys your product, they’re buying the label too. Labels are ideal for cross promoting. For example, if you sell multiple flavors of cookies, you should use the packaging of one flavor to promote the other. You can do so by having a label on the bag that informs the consumer about the other flavor(s) they may want to try.

Save money on marketing

What’s even greater about the label strategy is that you no longer have to spend money on searching for your target audience – you’ve already found them! The people reading your labels are already the ones buying your products, so you can be quite sure that they are interested in what you have to say and offer. Why not use labels to give them a discount or to thank them for buying your product?

Let your label become someone’s bumper sticker

You don’t have a brand message for your audience? No problem! Just print your brand logo and brand tagline onto a label and let them do their thing. Try to make your label interesting enough for people to stick it onto their cars, lockers, … Add a joke, a cool graphic or organize a contest that involves your label. By getting your logo and tagline out there through your labels, you are sure to create more brand awareness. And that in itself is a way of brand messaging, even if the message is indirect.