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Custom labels digital vs flexographic printing
March 24, 2016

Custom labels: digital vs. flexographic printing

There are numerous methods to print custom labels, but digital printing and flexographic printing are undoubtedly the most popular. Are you having trouble deciding which of these two printing methods best suits your custom labels? Read on and find out!

Flexographic printing unraveled

Flexography is an economical, high-quality printing solution that involves flexible rubber or plastic plates that print images onto a substrate. The plates adhere to a printing cylinder and can transfer images to various substrates including florescent labels, vinyl labels, polyester films, metallic films, polypropylene films, and the majority of coated papers.

The benefits of digital printing

Contrary to flexo printing, digital printing does not involve plates. Thanks to the absence of plates, digital printing requires less set-up time, allows operators to easily implement changes and produce multiple batches with an incredibly quick turnaround. Because it is so easy to print labels with variable data through digital printing, many businesses turn to this printing method to create custom labels with customer’s names, addresses, account numbers, …

Printing labels in bulk

If you want to print in bulk, however, flexographic printing is a more cost-effective solution. Because flexography is a high-speed printing process that uses incredibly fast drying inks, it is the printing method par excellence if you want to print large quantities of identical labels. Flexographic printing is also the go-to solution if you want to print wallpaper, paper cups, plastic cups, corrugated cardboard, shopping bags, or food packaging.

High quality flexo printing

Are you a printing professional looking to step up the quality of your flexographic prints? HD Flexo, a new process for making digital flexo plates, enables you to deliver exceptional flexo results faster than you ever imagined possible!   Inspired by Label Tech