Packaging Innovation
October 8, 2013

Creative packaging: using optical illusions on wine labels

An optical illusion happens when our brain perceives an image differently than it is in reality. Optical illusions take various forms: it can give the impression that an image is moving, that its color differs from the objective reality, or that it embodies more than one representation. Several companies have used this kind of tricks on their packaging. The examples being numerous, let’s focus on some wine labels!

Wine labels: from the ‘barber pole’ stripes to a kiss

Rasurado has introduced the motif of helical barber pole stripes on its wine labels to create an optical illusion called the ‘barber pole illusion’. This illusion occurs when a diagonally striped pole is rotated horizontally, thus giving the impression that the stripes are moving downwards or upwards (depending on the direction of rotation). Inspired by this concept, the Spanish graphic studio Moruba has designed a label for Rasurado wines. The illusion happens when you spin the bottle.

As for the Spanish graphic design studio Dorian, they came up with a wine label by using a popular type of illusion known as the inverted face. In other words, you see a person’s face when you look at the label, and a different face appears when you invert the label. In this case, we see a bearded old man when the label is viewed right side up, and a younger man in the other way. This label, designed for Laltre wine, is a fun and playful manner to resort to optical illusions.

The last example relates to winery owner Scott Harvey, who decided to combine wine and kissing, both often associated with Valentine’s Day. Scott Harvey designed two wines for the love holiday: the white wine Primero Beso (“First Kiss”) and the red wine Ultimo Beso (“Last Kiss”). Their particularity? An intriguing label that offers an optical illusion representing a kiss. Yet, not everyone sees a kiss: some people see a corkscrew, and others, a river of wine! What do you see?

Source: OptiMedia Labs