Packaging Innovation
January 12, 2011

Packaging and POP Display

Creating a Seamless Connection On-Shelf With Packaging and POP Display Hasbro is making a splash in the toy world with its newest game (Cuponk) geared towards both kids and adults. The object of Cuponk is to sink your ball into cups which light up with crazy sounds of victory. Several themed cups, each with their own unique sounds, enable players to create trick shots that are provided on the playing cards included with each purchase. Packaging and Display Unite – the well thought out combination of both elements is highlighted by fusing great marketing and merchandising in-store. The Cuponk launch is a wonderful example of how important it is to give equal, upfront thought to both packaging and display. Often times, this process is disconnected by creative logistics so it’s very refreshing to come across such a successful and shining example. Read more about it on The Point of Purchase Network! Kevin Saladyga on our LinkedIn Network