Packaging Innovation
April 14, 2016

How to make your brand pop? With a POP display!

There is nothing like a POP display to make your brand stand out in a store aisle. Needless to say, a lot goes into creating a fantastic POP display design that catches the consumer’s eye and convinces them to add the product to their shopping cart. However, these five tried-and-tested tips will help any packaging designer create a POP display that sells, sells, sells!

1.     Think bold

POP displays should, of course, always incorporate brand colors. That said, there are no limits to what you can do with vibrant additional colors and unique shapes. So dare to be different and wow the consumer! Don’t settle for an average shelving unit, but opt for bold displays that pop. Why not create a POP display that’s shaped like a giant spider with 6-foot-long legs? The sky is the limit!

2.     Create more than one POP display

The sad thing about POP displays is that consumers stop noticing them and move on once they’ve seen them. By creating multiple displays and rotating them regularly, you will keep the returning customer’s attention.

3.     Include a gift

The best POP displays are interactive displays that enhance the consumer’s shopping experience. Including take-away coupons never fails to get the consumer to approach a display and have a closer look at the brand and its products.

4.     Inform your customers

Of course, it takes more than a bold design and a few coupons to convince today’s consumer. Consumers like to make informed purchases, so don’t forget to include product information in your design, e.g. ingredients, how the product is used, how it compares to competitive products, …

5.     Invest in POP display software

Save time and avoid errors by using specialized software to create your POP display designs. ArtiosCAD, for instance, is ideal for POP displays. Want to know in advance how your POP display compares to the competition? Studio Store Visualizer enables you to see your design in a virtual retail environment as well as present your POP display to your clients in 3D.     Inspired by PTI & Business2Community Image by Ravenshoe Packaging