Packaging Innovation
counter display tips
March 16, 2017

3 tips to design a counter display that really POPs!

Counter displays are a retailer’s best friend when it comes to boosting impulse purchases. The more attractive the display, the more attention it draws and the more likely it is to reel in customers while they’re waiting in line. Are you looking to design a counter display that is bound to stand out? Then make sure it ticks the following boxes!

1.     The counter display matches the product

Don’t just pick any old shelf-ready box and have your graphics printed on it. Ask yourself: what is this counter display supposed to sell, and to whom? There’s nothing wrong with a classic rectangular cardboard box with a tuck front when you’re selling bubble gum, but a young woman looking at jewelry while standing in queue is more likely to buy that necklace or bracelet when it’s nicely displayed on a countertop spinner.
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2.     The counter display matches the store … but not entirely

Counter displays are used in discount stores as well as high-end stores. While bright, bold graphics may attract customers looking for a bargain, they tend to have the opposite effect on customers in stores that are rather upscale. Ask your client for pictures of the stores that will carry your display, or drop by the store yourself. Choose your graphics carefully to match the store’s overall look, but don’t go overboard. A counter display that blends into the background misses its purpose.

3.     The counter display has the right color palette

Finally, make sure your counter display sticks to the rules of color psychology. Unless you’re bound by brand colors, there is no reason to not get the most out of the extensive color palette available these days.   Inspired by Soopak