Packaging Innovation
August 5, 2010

3D Design of the Future

Slow Display, a project from MIT’s Media Lab, is a method for creating displays on screens and physical materials that consumes very little power. The team’s prototype system can create displays at a resolution of 16 megapixels; with the capacity to create images that last for hours. The method is ideal for slow-changing, always-on displays like those used to display road conditions or advertising. Slow Display uses less than 2 watts to project a 3-meter display. In addition to the typical display applications, the Slow Display team highlights other potential uses: – Rapid prototyping for industrial design: machine-recognizable modeling grids can be overlaid on top of physical prototypes, such that changes in the physical world can be easily reflected in digital space! This is a must-see! Slow Display from daniel saakes on Vimeo. From: PSFK