Packaging Innovation
July 12, 2013

Treasure hunting with the Kongsberg cutting table | Read on at ye own risk (for wanting more)

Treasure Chest: cutting samples‘All hands on deck!’ the designers shouted at Esko, when creating this impressive sample collection. Demonstrating the vast possibilities of Esko’s software and digital finishing solutions, the new sample box is most suitably conceived as a Pirates’ Treasure Chest.   The treasure chest is not just another sample case; it stands out by its whimsy! No doubt it will become a collectible amongst customers, prospects and dealers. To form this set of complex samples, Esko’s designers obviously made use of their own software and hardware solutions.

Clear port with Esko software

Starting the designs in Adobe® Illustrator®, Esko reached an optimized sheet lay-out with nesting software i-cut layout, to save substrates and reduce production time. The more complex structures – of the chest itself, the captain’s log and the diamond in folding carton – were created in ArtiosCAD: the preferred structural design software for packaging and display professionals.
Treasure Chest: structural design: folding carton diamond Treasure Chest: structural design, corrugated captainslog Treasure Chest: flexible materials, Lenticular
Folding carton diamond captain’s log, corrugated captain’s log and chest in corrugated
When cutting the samples on the Kongsberg cutting tables, i-cut Vision Pro was used. This software entirely eliminates slight distortions between the printed graphics and the cutting path. The cutting is adapted to the actual shape of the printed graphics, resulting in perfect cutting contours.

Sail the course of digital cutting

The actual cutting and creasing of the samples was realized on every possible Kongsberg cnc cutter, which involves the XE, i-XE, i-XE10 Auto, XN, XP and XP Auto. To make it tangible how versatile Kongsberg cutting tables really are, the sample chest consists out of virtually every material type you can think of. The folding carton, corrugated board and Honeycomb type materials were shaped using i.a. the Static knife for folding carton, the Corrugated crease wheel, the HD Unit, the High Force knife and the Reciprocating knife tool.
Treasure Chest: structural design, corrugated chest Treasure Chest: Honeycomb
Treasure chest, corrugated Honeycomb sign
Flexible materials like Tyvek®, adhesive vinyl, foam, textile, magnet, Lenticular and polypropylene were finished using i.a. KissCut, Presscut, Static knife single edge as well as Static knife double edge.  
Treasure Chest: flexible materials, Tyvek Treasure Chest: flexible materials, Lenticular
Flexible Materials, Tyvek Flexible Materials, lenticular
Treasure Chest: flexible materials, coated polyester textile Treasure Chest: polypropylene
Flexible Materials, coated polyester textile Flexible Materials, polypropylene
The challenging rigid materials like Aluminium, acrylic, ACM sandwich panel and foamed PVC, were manipulated on the Kongsberg XP and XN using i.a. the Rigid Material knife tool, the new HP milling unit and the VibraCut.
Treasure Chest: rigid materials, Aluminium and foamed PVC Treasure Chest: rigid materials, acrylic
Rigid materials: Aluminium + foamed PVC Rigid materials: acrylic
Treasure Chest: rigid materials, foamed PVC Treasure Chest: rigid materials
Rigid materials: foamed PVC Rigid materials:
And what a fine result Esko has achieved indeed! Treasure Chest: Kongsberg cutting samplesImagine the fortune all you landlubbers can make when using Esko’s solutions! Arrr!