Packaging Innovation
December 17, 2020

How seamless data flow from specification to printing press is the recipe for success in corrugated packaging prepress

With the continuing growth in e–commerce, new challenges for shelf-ready packaging in a changing retail landscape, a sustainability-aware consumer and a growing appetite for wide format digital printing, today’s corrugated packaging marketplace can only be described as ‘dynamic’.

Against this background on the demand side, corrugated converters are left with a very profound challenge on the supply side: how to optimize their workflow in order to best serve their customers, while also ensuring they maintain a profitable and sustainable business.

Esko believes the answer lies in digital transformation, making sure converters are empowered and able to take charge of every step of the process. To that end, Esko has developed a complete ‘Guide to Integrated Solutions for Corrugated Packaging Production’.

This informative new video demonstrates a full ecosystem of integrated solutions in action. From the Customer Experience Centre in Gent, Belgium, the Esko team demonstrates how data can flow all the way from the brand owner specification, through design and prepress production, to a virtual store, a cutting table and ultimately the shipping pallet.

Why not take the journey for yourself and be inspired? Discover how connecting steps in the workflow allows a business to become environmentally sustainable, drive profitability and to meet (and surpass) the requirements of its customers.

The short film is presented in six easy-to-digest episodes and takes in each business process.

Watch the introduction now and learn how your business could benefit from this free, complete guide to Integrated Solutions for Corrugated Packaging Production.

For more on the latest Esko innovations for Corrugated converters, don’t forget to visit the new Esko Innovation Hub, which has been designed to provide users with a unique insight to the Esko portfolio of innovations in a virtual environment. There, users can navigate around the latest integrated hardware and software solutions from Esko, in their own time, accessing insights and technical information, as well as learn new ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.