Packaging Innovation
March 16, 2021

Transformation Tuesdays: Data and asset storage: creating a safer, more efficient prepress through automation and digitization

How many times have you or one of your team been unable to find a file at the crucial time? Or heard the words we all dread from a customer or shift manager – “I need that doing right now!”?

In today’s demanding prepress world, there is a growing need for accessible data, either to get a job done faster, or retrospectively for reporting and KPI measurement. Combined with an increasing number of pack changes and shifting consumer behavior, this is putting more pressure on packaging suppliers, pressure which is increasingly hitting the prepress department.

But how many prepress teams know exactly how many jobs are being worked on at any given time? Where is everything stored? How is data being supplied – and can it be trusted? Just how many touchpoints does the file have before hitting the platemaking process or press? These and more questions are addressed in the new Transformation Tuesdays video, Data and Asset Storage.

The third Transformation Tuesdays video in the series is available now, examining issues such as specification accuracy, naming conventions and version control. The Esko experts look at how prepress operators can be confident retrieved files are named correctly, customers are given updated latest versions for approval and more importantly, that the correct approved version is being sent to print.

The short video addresses these points and more, clearly and concisely demonstrating how data and asset storage can create a safer, more efficient prepress department, leading to greater customer trust, satisfaction and ultimately more profit for the business.

To watch Transformation Tuesdays: Data asset and storage, click here