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sustainable packaging design tips
March 7, 2017

Sustainable packaging design: 4 easy ways to go green

There is no denying that packaging designers and manufacturers have a shared responsibility to do anything they can to protect the environment. Creating a sustainable packaging design used to be challenging, but nowadays there are easy ways aplenty to go green. Do you, too, want to jump on the sustainability bandwagon instead of adding to the many landfills out there? Then by all means read on!

1.     Stuck with unrecyclable materials? Opt for reusability

Evidently, recyclable materials are the pivot of sustainable packaging design. Unfortunately, using recyclable materials is not always an option. If that is the case, then why not consider making the packaging reusable? Make it too practical and too beautiful to throw out!

2.     Ask yourself: do I really need to use these plastics?

While many plastics these days are made of recycled plastic containers, not all of them are. Do you find yourself stuck with one of those unrecyclable plastic troublemakers? Try leaving it out altogether. Let’s say you designing for a blow-dryer. Instead of opting for a blister pack, chances are you can just as easily come up with a cardboard solution.

3.     Bag it!

If safety requirements don’t call for a box, choose flexible packaging instead. Pouches are remarkably lightweight and take up less room, allowing for more efficient shipping. Tip: learn more about the benefits of pouch packaging.

4.     Sustainable packaging design: soy ink, anyone?

Did you know that conventional inks are petroleum-based? Fortunately, there’s a great alternative at hand. Talk to your printer to find out if they’re willing to switch to soy-based inks! Contrary to petroleum-based inks, soy inks are made of renewable resources and don’t emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Soy-based inks are a perfectly environmentally friendly solution that does not affect indoor air quality nor pose any health risks whatsoever.   Inspired by Soopak