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November 22, 2013

Savor quality wine with Paper Boy

Packaging waste is a huge and growing problem in modern society. Particularly the wine industry generates more packaging waste than any other product in the alimentary sector. It produces 8.75 billion tons of glass waste annually around the globe. Paper Boy offers a sustainable alternative. You can enjoy a white appellation-based 2012 Mendocino Chardonnay or a 2012 Paso Robles red blend premium quality wine in a cardboard wine bottle. Paper Boy Paso Robles ChardonnayThe Paper Boy is made from recycled cardboard with a plastic liner, molded in the shape of a wine bottle. Originally designed by UK-based company Greenbottle to pour milk, the concept was picked up by Californian wine company Truett-Hurst (NASDAQ: THST).

Stand-out product

Paper Boy logo“The partnership wants to change the way people think about wine by responding to lifestyle choices,” Jim Bielenberg, CFO of Truett-Hurst, says. “The concept of PaperBoy appeals to eco-conscious wine lovers on the go.”

Sustainable wine tasting

From production to shipping to recycling, Paper Boy proves the wine business can operate with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Each Paper Boy bottle comes with instructions for how to break the bottle down for disposal. The components are easily recyclable. “With recycled content at 80%,” Bielenberg said, “carbon footprint is cut 67% compared to glass bottles. Additionally,” he said, the transportation footprint is 18% more efficient than with glass bottles.” Paper Boy recycling instructions  Paper Boy tilted Paper Boy Chardonnay and Paso Robles

Paper Boy has convenience advantages over glass

Paper Boy between BBQ sauce and wine It insulates better, recycles more readily, and is lighter and more transportable. Yet the Paper Boy looks and acts like a traditional glass bottle. Only weighing 65g, compared to around 450g for a standard 750ml glass bottle, the entire package is 85 percent lighter than a glass bottle. And once opened, the Paper Boy reduces air contact, so the content’s freshness retains longer.       Sources: Wine | Packaging News | Food Production Also check: Paper Boy wines