Packaging Innovation
July 26, 2013

Organic packaging for coconut water | Fresh & recyclable

The industry of organic food is heavily regulated to ensure that food is farmed in a sustainable way and at the same time is 100% natural. For example chemical additives meant to lengthen the shelf life of food and beverages are banned.

This puts extra pressure on the packaging to meet the products need to be kept fresh in a natural way. Another consideration is the sustainability of the packaging. Consumers of organic products are likely to think green and expect the same of companies. This means packaging for organic food or beverages should at the very least be recyclable.

Organic packaging? Tetra Pak is an excellent option!

One of the best options to achieve both goals is aseptic processing of carton packaging. A well-known example of this method is the popular Tetra Pak packaging. Tetra Paks are designed to guarantee both the freshness and safety of food or beverages with as little interference with the taste and the ingredients as possible.

This can be achieved by sterilizing the packaging and the product separately. This is an important aspect for many products including liquids like milk and juice. These liquids are often treated with the concept of UHT (Ultra-high temperature processing), which means juice for example is heated to over 135 degrees Celsius for just one or two seconds.

The result is a product that has a shelf life of a year or more and doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened. This of course makes the logistics of transporting organic food and beverages a lot simpler. At the same time the prolonged shelf life is also an environmental benefit as less products are thrown away because they have expired.

Nuju | Packaging for organic coconut water

Sadly most Tetra Pak packaging tends to be a bit dull when it comes to design. That’s why we adore the packaging for Nuju organic coconut water. This organic packaging is absolutely beautiful and at the same time perfectly clear towards customers.

Nuju water is certified organic which is its main selling point. The label “organic” is placed in the center of the packaging so customers do notice it even from across an aisle. The rest of the packaging is clean with simple graphic elements that form the perfect combination with the organic product inside.