Packaging Innovation
June 17, 2015

Keeping it fresh! Fish box supplier launches innovative containers for seafood packaging

Reusable seafood packaging supplier PPS East recently wowed the packaging industry with the launch of ‘Re-Fresh’; their brand-new range of reusable fish boxes. With their innovative resealable lids, low carbon footprint and ideal sizing for wholesale and retail, the Re-Fresh boxes are expected to take the seafood packaging industry by (sea)storm.

Meeting market needs

Although PPS previously produced 50kg, 25kg and 15kg boxes, careful analysis identified a rising demand for smaller boxes for direct shipment to supermarkets, food service businesses such as hotels and restaurants, and also for transporting fish by road, sea and air from around Europe to be processed. Businesses can either buy or rent the boxes, depending on their profile and specific needs.

Keeping a lid on leakage

The Re-Fresh fish boxes come in 3kg and 6kg sizing and feature resealable leak-proof lids (patent pending design). The lids are tightly sealed to prevent leakage, but can easily be removed upon opening.

Lower transport costs

PPS East intentionally designed its new 3kg and 6kg boxes with similar dimensions, apart from varying heights. This reduces transport costs substantially, as the boxes can easily be stacked together (or nested, in case of empty boxes).

Reducing packaging waste

The Re-Fresh seafood packaging boxes are the first of their kind that can be resealed and are therefore re-usable. Their lifespan is estimated at 10 years, promising a powerful reduction in packaging waste. The boxes are also perfectly recyclable after their useful life.   Inspired by Packaging Connections