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sustainable packaging trends
September 25, 2018

Is your food packaging in line with today’s sustainability trends?

Sustainability is a trend no industry can afford to ignore these days. As consumers are more and more concerned with the environmental impact of their purchases, brands and packaging suppliers must pull out all the stops to establish and maintain a green reputation if they want to continue to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. To be more precise, simply settling for compostable, reusable or recyclable packaging materials no longer cuts it. So, is your food packaging in line with today’s most important sustainability trends? Read on to find out!

1.     Extending shelf life ‘the natural way’

sustainable packaging trends The United States alone account for 60 million tons of food waste every year, urging consumers to change their buying behavior both for economic and ecological reasons. Concerned with reducing landfills as well as getting the most out of their food budget, consumers are clearly developing a preference for foods with extended shelf life. That doesn’t mean, though, that canned goods sales are set to soar. Next to being environmentally conscious, millennial consumers are also typically health-minded and tend to seek out foods without preservatives. Consequently, packaging suppliers are turning to innovative barrier technologies to extend shelf life without using additives such as multi-barrier technology (MBT) and inert barrier technology (IBT).

2.     With great sustainability must come great safety

Extending a product’s shelf life also means eliminating the risk of contamination and being open to the public about your efforts to do so, as clear and honest communications are a prerequisite for consumers to trust and become loyal to brands. Hence the reason why more and more brands set out to seek certification for their entire supply chains by institutions recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

3.     Once upon a time

sustainable packaging trends Naturally, certificates only tell consumers so much. A relatively easy yet sure way for brands to advertise their sustainable practices and embed their green reputation in the consumer’s mind is incorporating them in their storytelling. Which is exactly what brands both big and small are doing these days by making packaging the backbone of their brand story.   Inspired by Packaging Digest